LouLou ballerina is a high standard shoe brand based in Tel-Aviv Israel, launched in October 2015. 

Women's unique flat shoes is the essence of the brand in order to offer women something different, with a priority placed on comfort and style.

Its design influenced by fantasy movies, taking details from nature forms, fabric manipulation and merging them into esthetics and modern fashionable footwear.

All shoes are designed slightly out of the box using colorful genuine high quality leather, breaking-out forms, and elegant-urban street wear style. 


Limor Yaish studied shoe making & design at “the Guild - school of footwear fashion and accessories design” along the years, while working as a media marketer.

Her passion for creative and art has been kept aside for so many years until finally she fell in love with the traditional art of making shoes and let it out. 

"I found shoe making consists all the things I love: handmade traditional art, three dimensional fashion design and everyday useful product. It’s a wonderful way to make my mark” Limor Yaish

Feel the magic & enjoy your new LouLou’s



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